We are happy to announce that we have
Renee & Doni to be our main
Tango Teachers at our
Sunshine Coast Tango Festival
this year 2017

Here is a link to Renee & Doni main website:


A bit about Renee & Doni:


Renee & Doni have been teaching together in Melbourne and Berlin.

There combined history of Musical understanding and dance training, has enabled them to develop a teaching style that works its way to the very heart of tango.

Guiding students to develop stronger technique allowing for better balance, posture, style, movement and connection.

As dancers, they are constantly developing there skills in all areas but always with the goal of deepening the amazing connection that Tango offers.

Doni over many years has developed a deep understanding of numerous styles of music.

He has written music played many different instruments and spent nearly a decade drumming in various bands and teaching (best known for advanced poly rhythmic understanding).

All of his Tango students have greatly benefited from his understanding of music, body mechanics and control (a must for advanced rock climbers – of which he is), and clear, structured teaching methods.

Over 10 years ago, Renee started teaching Tango.
While continuing with Tango, she has also added other dance styles to the list, Street Latin, Ballroom and beginners contemporary dance.She has taught in Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Argentina, Australia and Germany.Over time, Renee has become very adept at matching her teaching to the style and level of each student.She embraces there history, sees there efforts and encourages them to develop further.

Both Doni and Renee see Tango not as a number of common sentences out of a phrase book but as a beautiful deep and emotive language that once understood can enrich all aspects of life and can be shared by all.

In the last year, Doni and Renee have been extending themselves as both dancers and teachers in Melbourne and Buenos Aires.

Delving deeper into understanding the dance, music, and development of teaching methods on an international level.

They are currently training students as well as teachers to grow not only the individual dancer but the Tango community, promoting communication, confidence in expression, respect of one another and richness of experience within the tango artform.