Workshop The Anatomy of Dance:

The Anatomy of Dance:

Fascia fitness training workshop for athletes and tango dancers

by Patrick Shwaluk

If an athlete or dancer is unable to execute an advanced movement or dance step, most teachers look to address faults in the student’s basic movement patterns/steps.

For example, if the tango student can’t do an enrosque, the teacher looks at the student’s basic ocho and privoting techniques.

This is known as a top down approach.

Faults in basic movement patterns/steps, among other things, may be due to insufficient fascia (connective tissue) length, strength, proprioception and/or elasticity.

If you can’t do multiple graceful ochos, look at training the fascia.

If you can’t do snappy rebounds, look at training the fascia.

If you can’t walk and push into the floor smoothly, look at training the fascia?

Having trouble with giros?

Look at training the fascia.

Having trouble staying on axis?

Look at training the fascia.

This is know as bottom up approach.

Look at the anatomy and determine what needs to be trained in order to achieve the desired outcome.

If you want to be better at one or more of the above, this workshop is for you.

This workshop reviews fascial anatomy, fascial dysfunction and focuses on current concepts in fascial fitness.

While the tests and drills focus on the training of tango dancers, the principles of fascia fitness training are relevant to all athletes.

Workshop: 9.30 – 11.30 am Saturday 27 May

Venue: Millwell Road Community Centre

Cost: FREE – A big thank you to Patrick for donating his time to Para Los Niños