Workshop : The Feeling of Dance


 with Michael Adam-Smith

As an intro and warmup to Renee & Doni’s Workshop, I present an active awareness class focusing on the feet and on Differentiation between the hips and the upper torso – getting a better ability & range of movement for your so-called “dissociation”.
– The Feldenkrais Method is based on learning HOW you move then finding easier and better ways to move – moving with awareness !
– Moving with deliberate awareness & focus – on feeling & learning an image of how you do it means you can remember that feeling & image into the future.
– Differentiation rather than ‘disassociation’ means you learn how different parts of yourself move & relate to each other, building up your body image and an image of yourself in movement.
This is a shortcut to what is an essential part of Tangoin Ochos and turns … because Tango is easy = it’s just turns and walking !
– Part of the class will also be on foot awareness and stability !
Michael Adam-Smith 0427 884 544 .

Practitioner in The Feldenkrais Method®
Time: Sunday 28 May 10-10.45am
Cost: FREE